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 Kenjiro Nakamura [completed.]

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Kenjiro Nakamura
Kenjiro Nakamura

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PostSubject: Kenjiro Nakamura [completed.]   Wed Apr 27, 2011 7:08 pm

Name:Kenjiro Nakamura
Nickname (if applicable):Nakamura
Age:17 (Start of Namek quest)

Family:Ai:Sister:Dead,Aiko:Mother:Dead,Father:Zanjiro:Presumed dead.

Height:5 ft 8
General Appearance:Kenjiro while looking tall, Is truly four inches shorter then he looks. This is due to his hair standing up adding four inches to his height. Like most of the males of his race his muscles are very defined from training in all of his free time. He has a scar running down his left eye due to harming it while training. On his back is also a long scar going straight down starting at in between his shoulder blades and ending just right above his tail bone. Along with that he has a single tattoo under his armor which is a dragon shooting out of seven orbs with people worshiping it. As for his armor that is where he differs from most race members. He has the upper body armor but not the groin guards or shoulder pads. Along with that his shirt is torn at the shoulders to show his arms.

Mental Level:(Above Normal) While not the smartest alive Kenjiro is not an idiot either. Kenjiro is able to form plans quickly though not well thought out. If he can get away from a battle long enough to think them over, he can come up with complex strategies. Along with that he can find a flaw in an opponents fighting style quickly if there is any as well as openings if there are no flaws.
Technique Name: The Rage Shuriken
The user opens his right palm and channels ki to the palm. Once this is done, he shapes the ki into an orb, causing it spin. Once the spinning is started, The user adds more power to the orb, adding a spinning star shape to it. This technique is strongest when thrust straight into the opponent, but it can be thrown.

Technique Name: Royodouken Wave
The user begins this technique similar to the Kamehameha Wave. He pushes ki into his cupped palms and continues to focus it into that point. When He releases the technique, he twists his hands, causing it to spiral (like a combination of the Special Beam Cannon and Kamehameha Wave in a sense).

Weapon of Choice:Katana
None at the moment. Currently attempting to join the rebellion
Personality:Kenjiro's personality is almost the complete opposite of his sister's personality [while she was alive]. Even though they were related, Kenjiro is calm, cool, and collected. Kenjiro is shown to have a fondness for reading books. His quietness is not due to a lack of self confidence however; it is because he never shows fear over anything. Despite his normal personality of cold dismissal, he does cherish one thing: a dark O-Katana he uses

Birth/Young age.
Kenjiro was born to Zanjiro and Aiko both powerful members of the saiyan race. Though his mother was not like other saiyans as she didn't like to fight and wanted to keep Kenjiro from fighting. His father had other plans how ever he wished for a strong child to keep the family in high regards of the saiyan race. This conflict went on for most of Kenjiro's young life while the only one he found comfort in was his elder sister. Who did her best to shield him from their parent's fight over him. This fighting lasted until he was three when his father took him then killed his mother and sister when they attempted to stop him.

Zanjiro trained Kenjiro to be a great warrior like Zanjiro him self. Not starting when Kenjiro was three but when he was five. As such he started to gain his fathers personality a cold and dismissive. This training continued until Kenjiro was thirteen and granted approval by his father of being 'battle ready'.

Early/Late teens.
Kenjiro had gained a scar across his left eye due to his father's brutal training. While his father had gained Kenjiro this scar. He did not resent him for this disfigurment instead it made him train harder so another one would not be givin. Living with other saiyans Kenjiro had learned of other fighting styles such as the earth blade fighting. Due to this he had made his own Katana, his father however saw it as inferior to fighting with Ki and fist and forbid him from using the blade. It was at the age of seventeen when he finally left his father and went off in search of any piece of the rebllion he could find. Even if it was just a small bit.

Love Life/Relationships:

Random Information:

*Has great respect for the ginyu force, Namely for Captain Ginyu and Jeice.
*Has a love of spicy food.
*All so respects Vegeta despite his hate for their race.

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Kenjiro Nakamura
Kenjiro Nakamura

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PostSubject: Re: Kenjiro Nakamura [completed.]   Sat Apr 30, 2011 6:27 am

Uhh bump? lol
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PostSubject: Re: Kenjiro Nakamura [completed.]   Sat Apr 30, 2011 8:54 am

Okay, while this is quite a well written bio, it's clear that as it is at the minute, it just won't fit in with the already established history of the DOF universe.

First of all - your character is seventeen - is that at the start of the Namek Quest thread or an earlier thread?

Why, when all the other Saiyans fled to Neo-Vegeta-sei nearly 60 years ago, have his parents decided they are safer NOT being with their own kind and hidden, despite the fact that Frieza is actively hunting all the Saiyans down? (Why are they hiding from their own kind?)

There is no way any Saiyan would be silly enough to expose themselves by entering in a tournament; no matter how prestigious it might be to the family name. This would mean every bounty hunter in the galaxy would be on their tails.

If his family is hiding from his race, how on earth does he grow up to have respect for Vegeta? He wouldn't even know him.

You have to remember that in the game the Saiyans are pretty much a recluse lot. They steer well clear of the Empire and generally like to lay low. The Ginyus, in the same light, don't work for the Empire either - they run the Pirate guild.

Don't misunderstand me. I think that you could have an interesting character here but we need to make sure that he will fit with the existing historys and characters that have already been excepted. With a little rejigging you could have a decent OC to play.

Best of luck.

Now to mod mode.

Please don't post inane things like 'bump' just to get your bio noticed by others again. All the mods here have quite busy lives and we aren't always going to answer your posts staight away. We do the best we can but sometimes that means being patient and waiting. We will get to it eventually.
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PostSubject: Re: Kenjiro Nakamura [completed.]   

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Kenjiro Nakamura [completed.]
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