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1). You will receive a warning if you write less than four lines in a post.

2). No God-playing. This means no taking over every single character and controlling their fates within the game. We understand that it is sometimes difficult to write a post without your character interacting with another player's character. However, unless you are given explicit permission to play as another player's character, avoid it.

3). No God-playing means NO Mary-sues. No one here will take your character seriously if they swan onto the scene with more power than Broly & Frieza combined. Pace your OC's development - it's more rewarding and believable. Remember, nobody will be impressed if your character is as strong as Captain Ginyu or Cooler and the shortfall of it is other players are less likely to roleplay with you.

If you are roleplaying as a villain, be sure give them powers within reason. The villain hierarchy goes as follows:-
- Frieza (as top dog)
- Cooler
- King Kold
- The Four Sages
- The Ginyu Force
- The Cooler Squad

These are the strongest characters within the game, which means, even if you choose to roleplay as Cell or even Buu, they would still rank below the Cooler Squad. The more senior a member you are - i.e. the more often you roleplay - the more powerful your character becomes.

4). One of the most important rules of this board. If you are a new player, you may only play up to two characters: ONE canon and ONE OC. Once you are a well established member of the forum one of the mods will contact you and offer you the option of playing a third character. Please note that we strongly urge new players to pick canon characters in this forum. While OCs are all well and fun, this is a Dragon Ball Z Roleplaying Game first and foremost. If there is a character that you wish to play who isn't on the list of available canons, please ask if you can play them! Chances are we'll say yes.

)5. Check your grammar. Nobody likes to RP with someone who writes like a 10 year old. This is not an English class, savy? In order to roleplay in the main game, you must be a fairly good writer.

6). Be polite to your fellow players and keep arguments between characters in the game i.e. if your characters don't get along, don't take offense - it's only in the game (at least it had better be!)

7). This should go without saying, but no harassing fellow members on the forum. Be polite and respectful - we're all here to have fun.

8: Your avatar MUST feature at least one of the characters you are playing in the RPG.

9: New players cannot join the Namek Quest game straight away - you have to earn a spot there, so play well and we'll invite you in! Please note, you MUST have a canon character if you wish to join the Namek Quest game.