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 FAQ 01: Where do I start??

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PostSubject: FAQ 01: Where do I start??   Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:15 pm

1. First off, introduce yourself and get to know your fellow board members (the Introduce Yourself section is the thread above FAQ).

2. Read the forum rules and RPG guidelines. You may be an experienced roleplayer, but every RPG has it's own particular rules and way of playing.

3. In the RPG Database you will find the RPG's storyline. It's very important that you at least skim this section in order to know what the game is all about.

4. Once you know the Duel of Fates universe, click on Character Profile Sheets to start developing your very own original character or pick a canon DBZ character from the list of available canons.

5. Now you're ready to audition your OC or canon for the game! Post your character profile alongside a small paragraph (just 3 or 4 lines) featuring your character. Your character can be absolutely anything you like. This may seem a little unorthodox, but every player writing for Duel of Fates cares deeply about the game and the story, therefore it's important that we don't have god-players or Mary-sues mucking up the game. By auditioning, you can show off your writing skills and prove you have a basic grasp of grammar e.g. no net speak, bad spelling etc.

6. After you've auditioned your OC/Canon and got the thumbs up, you can join one of the Newbie RPG boards. If you fancy your OC or canon character a villain, join up to King Kold's training camps on Planet Icion. If you want to join the Rebellion, head to Vegeta's training facilities on Neo Vegeta. If you doubt your character is either a villain or a hero, join Captain Ginyu's Pirate Guild on the seedy moon, Andulin.

More importantly, HAVE FUN!

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FAQ 01: Where do I start??
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