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 Dragon Ball: Rebirth

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PostSubject: Dragon Ball: Rebirth   Sun Aug 22, 2010 12:05 am

hey everybody. New guy here. I am just letting everyone know that me and a friend of mine are creating a new DBZ site since the one me and him use to RP on changed into a universal RPG (Meaning it takes any charrie from anything). We were looking throught the DBZ top 25 list when we realized. most the sites are dead and we asked ourselves this "What happened to DBZ? Why is it not as popular?" So therefore we decided to create a site to give DBZ RPGs as he name suggests... Rebirth. This is going to be one of those RPGs with a unique stat system and include a new Class system along with a variety of diffrent playable races. Once we finish decorating and getting the rough patchwork in I'll post a link but for now it's just and informative post.
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Dragon Ball: Rebirth
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