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 Donna Fortuna

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PostSubject: Donna Fortuna   Sun Aug 15, 2010 6:21 pm

Default auditioning Donna because she comes as a set with Tien and because I worked her last time.

Name: Donna Fortuna
Nickname: Lady Luck, or Lucky to her friends.
Age: an odd 23

Species: Elvin
Homeplanet: Izegry, destroyed
Family: Her biological family was all killed by Frieza’s men when she was barely 3. She hasn’t much memory of it. She was saved and adopted by a band of space gypsies.

Eyes: a blue greenish color
Hair: Long straight, strawberry blonde hair that reaches the middle of her back; usually plaited
Height: 5’5”
Appearance: Small almost fragile in build at first glance, this is deceiving, however, as she has the lean muscles of an acrobat or a gymnast that come from her being raised as a gypsy entertainer/scavenger. She has very youthful appearance accepting the deep and ghastly scar on the left side of her face that reaches from the tip of her eye and goes in a crescent arch down to her chin. Her ears are pointed, as she is an elf, duh. She has two intricate green rings tattooed around each wrist. She has had them since before she can remember and knows not what they are. Where’s long black sweater dress to match her partner with white leggings and a black leotard underneath and matching black leather fingerless gloves and black thigh high flat boots.

Mental Level: Not the brightest bulb in the box, but she knows how to fight and how to survive.
Abilities: Acrobat with natural fighter's instinct relies heavily on her flexibility and agility. Learned survival fighting growing up and some martial arts from Tien
Weapon of Choice: She is partial to the throwing knives hidden in her boots but her sweater dress conceals more than a killer figure, believing in being prepared for anything Lucky has numerous harnesses holding throwing knives, kodachis, smoke bombs and assorted other weapons. Dressed to kill is not just a fashion statement for this walking arsenal where Tien is more long distance Lucky is up close and personal.

Occupation: Space gypsy Tien’s partner and assistant
Personality: Donna is pretty peppy, almost too perky for her own good at times. She is not quick to anger, but in battle she will fight to the death if she must, even if it is not advised. She’s not very intelligent, or eloquent, but she has a lot of her own charm and believes that she can befriend anybody, also not advised. Has an almost corny sense of humor, very talkative.
History: Born on the Elvin home world, of Izegry, her people were purged and her planet sold as prime real estate when she was 3. She barely survived after her face was brutally mutilated by one of Frieza’s soldiers. She was knocked unconscious and lost a lot of blood, luckily a band of rag tag space scavengers/gypsies, discovered her left for dead by the soldiers. They rescued her and nursed her back to health, the scar remains and she doesn’t remember her family or her Elvin heritage. She regained her health and was raised by the gypsies who name her Donna Fortuna, in their language it means Lady Luck for she was lucky to survive the purging of her planet. She bears no grudge, but feels obligated to justice and now travels with Tienshihan to fulfill a life debt to him although he insists they are even because although he saved her family they saved him first. But she stays with him assisting him in all his endeavors all the while trying to make a buck and maybe save some innocent lives.
Love Life/Relationships: No real love interests as of yet. Partner and assitant to Tien Shinhan
Random Guff: Speaks with a slight drawl, can’t stand to have people touch her scar. She has random flash backs. She is very chivalrous. Not allowed caffeine.

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Donna Fortuna
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