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 Who's still here?

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PostSubject: Who's still here?   Tue Mar 22, 2016 4:37 pm

Hello everyone. It's me.

I'm stopping by for a status report. I particularly wanted to touch base again with Meraxa and Karete for a few little reasons. Mostly, I wish to get a feel for where everyone is at seeing as its been, well, years since I had anything to do with anyone here. I have missed your friendship.

My biggest news is that I'm not 15-17 anymore. I'm 23, and not really going by the name of Strefe these days. I also regret to say that I think I've outgrown Dragonball Z so I wanted a word with the moderators so as to determine what I should do now.

So, who's out there?
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Who's still here?
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