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 Escaping the Ice

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PostSubject: Escaping the Ice   Tue Aug 07, 2012 8:22 pm

In a world where Goku does not live to fight Freiza, the universe is in perille. During the fight against Vegeta, all but Krillin and Gohan do not live to tell the tale. As Vegeta leaves to seek medical treatment, Krillin and Gohan struggle to save Goku. As they flew as fast as they could to the nearest hospital, Goku dies before they could even reach it.

Unknown to them, Freiza has heard everything about the dragonballs. Once Vegeta hears that Frieza has taken a fleet of souldiers to Namek, he races over. As Vegeta struggles to get to Namek before Frieza gets his wish granted, Frieza is already there. He slaughters all but a handful of the Namekians. Forcing them to make his wish for him, Frieza becomes immortal. Elated, Frieza leaves the remaining Namekians as he departs. Before he leaves, Frieza blows up the planet. Protecting himself from any potential threat of another using the Dragonballs. However, Frieza did not make sure that the remaining Namekians died in the explosion.

As several years go by, Frieza goes unrivaled. No one in the universe dares to cross him. However, there are whispered rumors of surviving Namekians. News spreads across the universe, and group of rivals rise up. Their quest is to defeat Frieza, in any way possible.

The only question now is, who will rise to the occasion? Who will fight for freedom?

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Escaping the Ice
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