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 Bitter Kodoru

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PostSubject: Bitter Kodoru   Wed Jan 25, 2012 7:14 am

Name: Bitter Kodoru

Nickname (if applicable): Bitter-Sama, Bitter-Chan, Bit-Bit, Bitter-Sweet(Only called by Cooler), Princess Bitter (Only called by Cooler), (Once married to Cooler [If possible]) Lady Bitter, Empress Bitter

Age: 760

Species: Icejin (Cooler/Frieza/King Kold's Race)

Homeplanet: originally Frieza's homeplanet, but after that was destroyed she moved to Planet Tochaa and than finally Planet Coola No 256.

Family: Glacia Kodoru (Mother-Assumed dead), Chilling Koduro (Father)

Gender: Female

Skin: Bright/Icy blue

Eyes: Blood red

Height: 5'5 Forth form( Slightly smaller than Cooler) 6'5 Final Form (Again, slightly smaller than Cooler in his Final Form)

General Appearance:

Forth Form: (In profile/Avatar image)

Final Form: takes most of her father's and Cooler's final form appearance. Same shade of blue skin, but she is more taller and willowy, her hair is now let out. Her head carapace is decorated with four sharp points, two on each side, like a broken crown and set in the middle was a blood-red section. A carapace armour is also worse over her chest and she obtains a mask over her face, her eyes goes fully-red. Her tail gets a tip of armour just like Cooler. Hopefully, I'll add a picture of this somewhere.

Fashion: Depending on the situtation, Bitter would dress accordingly. Her casual wear is black tank-tops and blue camo-pants. If she was in anything formal, a nice simple formal dress is good for her. And of course, the armour in Cooler's Army.

Mental Level: Bitter is intelligent, but she has her dull moments when her plans fail. She is very creative with building up plans, ideas and also thinking of the Pros and cons of situtation. In her Final Form though, she is blinded with rage and doesn't think.

Abilities: She's good with Mechanics, engineering, training others (being a teacher to some degree), dancing, drawing, writing and also fighting. During her early years, she has self-taught herself on survival skills and will pass those skills on to her students/friends.

Weapon of Choice: Her rage.

Occupation: An addition to the Cooler Armoured squadron, mechanic to Cooler's Spaceship.

Personality: To strangers, she quite wary, and will tend to go on the offensive if she is angered. Although she likes making friends, her past life has worn her unusual kindness down. She's strong, competitive, and friendly to those who are her friends. Even to her co-workers, she won't go easy on them. But she would do anything for Cooler. She sometimes uses her attractiveness to her advantage, but she is not the type of girl to go around with all the men. She is loyal to one man and one man only. The pains life has given her has hardened her personakity and this is clearly shown when she is in her final form. Once transformed, she is ruthless, cruel, heartless and aggressive. only Cooler sees her pure, gentle side.


Like any old Icejin child, Bitter was born on her homeplanet and lived there with her mother and father. As she grew up, she learnt about Cooler and his family. Her parents were very loyal to tha family, and Chill was working as their guard for King Cold and Queen Winter. At a young age, Chill brought Bitter to the Cold Manor during his duties, where she meets Queen Winter and Cooler for the first time. As kids, they played and spent time with each other, but Bitter never liked Cooler's 'creepy' brother. After the horrific moment, the Cold family split. Queen Winter was infuriated to hear King Cold's favortisim over Frieza and Cooler runs away. This broke Bitter's heart. As time went on, after Planet Vegeta was destroyed, the last remains of Planet vegeta invaded Frieza's homeplanet, and thus, destroying it.
Glacia died. Chill went missing assumed dead. Bitter, and a few others, managed to survive. After that, she grew up alone fending for herself, her only piece of memory was to find Cooler. Cooler, deep inside, remembered the small girl, but has forgotten about her before she arrived on Planet coola 256. She becomes friends with Salza and managed to get a place in Cooler's army.

After many events of discoveries, Bitter reunits with Cooler, becomes friends and even becomes as a couple. She also reunits with her father Chill.

(I wrote a LONG story based on Bitter's story. If you wish for me to post it here some time, feel free to let me know. ^^)

(Notes: I was hoping that Bitter could be the wife of Cooler. I am unsure if I am allowed to do this, so please let me know. If this isn't okay, could she have a big crush with Cooler instead. I would rather have her his wife, but after reading your rules, I was unsure if this was still possible. I understand family relations, but not stuff like this. ^^; )

Thankies for your time in read this. I hope it's good enough. If you have a question, just ask me. :3
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PostSubject: Re: Bitter Kodoru   Sat Feb 18, 2012 1:37 pm

I have to say that Bitter has some small potential but I'm sorry to say she has a very little as she is now. I don't think this is due to a lack of forethought but more for a lack of fitting into the universe we have set up here. Not everyone here is as they were in canon so we all have to make some adjustments accordingly. First off I'd like to direct you to Cooler's profile: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] so you can get an idea of how he is portrayed here. I also suggest speaking to the other players if you're unsure of how a character would get along with your own and most especially when your character hinges on another or has an important character in their past.

When in doubt simply ask. Somebody here is bound to know the answer, if we don't the mods do. I know it can be a bit difficult trying to rewrite a character to fit into someone else's universe but believe me if you need help we don't bite... well, most of us don't. On the part of having Cooler and Bitter as a couple it is entirely Caboose's call but from what I've seen it's always far better to develop a relationship IC rather than stick two characters together and say they're married. It just gives everyone more depth to their characters that way methinks.

Another important note is the timeline. In her past you're describing events that Cooler's past don't have and the universe never encountered. It's an easy discrepancy to fix but I think that's why Star posted the handy dandy timeline thread: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] It can be rather confusing at first but after a while it gets easier to read it. Again, any questions, please ask.

I honestly don't think anyone stresses the point of speaking to fellow players enough. Then again some of us barely communicate at all. All in all I don't think anything can make up for good old fashioned talking and planning. If you have any questions or concerns let me and I'll see what I can find out for you. If you have any severe or pressing matters please go directly to one of the mods. Resident newbie herder out~
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PostSubject: Re: Bitter Kodoru   Sat Feb 18, 2012 11:16 pm

I agree with Lillian, your character has some potential, but she needs some serious work. Right now, her whole exsistance revolves around Cooler. That's not good, if you want a character to stand on their own, their lives need to be fleshed out to such an extent that they do not need a canon character to be involved.

Yes, the Kold family is refereced within my character's profile, but she doesn't need them in her life. She can stand on her own both in personality and in history. If you have a hard time with this talk to other members, we'd love to help you and I'm sur Star would help you as well.

Also, you need to read the story line in order for your character to fit into the story. Lillian posted a link to it so I'm not going to. I hope this advice helps you a little bit, remember we're here to help. ;p
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PostSubject: Re: Bitter Kodoru   

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Bitter Kodoru
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