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 FAQ 02: What's it All About?

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PostSubject: FAQ 02: What's it All About?   Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:54 pm

What's it all about?

Duel of Fates is an interactive Dragon Ball Z roleplaying game, in which a number of members assume the roles of characters (both canon and original) in an alternative universe setting where Frieza (the villain of the Namek Saga) and his Empire have near-complete control of the galaxy. The aim of the game depends on the side you choose:

The Rebellion: who fight against the encroaching Ice-jin Empire
The Empire: who travel the galaxy in search of new worlds to conquer and add to the growing Empire
The Pirate Guild: who do what pirates usually do - steal and pillage from law-abiding and unscrupulous citizens alike
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FAQ 02: What's it All About?
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