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 Tenda Tenmo

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PostSubject: Tenda Tenmo   Sun Jul 10, 2011 2:47 am

Name: Tenba Tenmo
Nickname (if applicable): The Old Man/The Crystal Cataclysm
Age: 219

Species: Torikaemas-jin
Home planet: Roshou
Family: Ginbokou Shaznet – Distant relative, current ruler of Roshou
Ginbokou Reffinest – Distant Relative, the runaway child
Council of Elders – all relatives in one way or another

Eyes: Blue
Height: 7 feet precisely
General Appearance: Tenmo is often hidden by an all enshrouding black cloak, which manages to hide his form. All that is not hidden by this his face, and even then, it is often obscured by the hood of his cloak, leaving only a broad and aged jaw, with a long beard that drapes down to his chest. Those looking directly at him, with the hood removed, will have their eyes lay upon crystal blue eyes, a shade unnaturally pristine and seeming to brim with energy (a side effect of his experiment). He has aged rather well, partly in due to his form being effectively locked into place. His face, though lined with grey hairs that dangle down from his head, remains sharp and squared, though the wrinkles do give him something of a tired look.

Beneath his cloak, he wears a loose hanging outfit, resembling a gi as used by martial artists on Earth, or Chikyuu-sei. A grey colour, the outfit is tailor made to allow him to move freely, despite his large size. He is reasonably muscular, and even more so upon unleashing his full power. Lined across his body are gems that expose from his flesh in regular intervals, with approximately one per limb, with small shimmering lines running from one to the next. This is the Crystex which he had placed within his body, and it glows slightly from the power which courses through it, as a result of being in constant contact with his form.

He can be found in other attire, though this is rare and reserved mainly for formal events, or his private residences, located on Icion, The world formerly known as Earth, and a private space station located in between systems.

Mental Level: Tenmo is not perhaps the smartest being in the known galaxy, being familiar with technology as it was over a hundred years prior. However, he is one of the wisest, able to take what knowledge he knows, and apply it better than some others might. He is deeply philosophical, though he rarely allows this to interfere with his duty.

Abilities: Tenmo has very few ‘signature attacks’ as it were, mainly relying on enhanced versions of basic ki utilisation in order to get results. His ability to fly, fire ki blasts, create barriers and such, is beyond the typical level expected, but he is by no means the strongest man in the galaxy (though those unknowing of the Kold Empire’s power have very much suspected him of such).
Power level when suppressed: 5000
Natural Power Level: 50,000
Power Level from Crystex: 500,000

Weapon of Choice: The man utilises no weapons for actual combat, but is proficient in the utilisation of most tools of combat. His preference lies in the simple staff, as it allows him to disable his opponents, which he most likely will have as the intent if he’s bothering with a weapon at all.

Occupation: One of the Seven Sages, formerly of King Kold’s personal guard
Personality: Tenmo is surprisingly reserved for a man of his power and position, neither flaunting nor revelling in them. He is soft spoken, and rarely raises his voice in public. He enjoys, and encourages, good manners from those he knows around him, as well as a minimal amount of respect. He seems quite the tolerant fellow, but also knows how to make a genuine death threat, even with kind hearted words.

It is interesting to note that, whilst he holds no particular loathing or hatred to the enemies of the Empire, his loyalty to King Kold is rarely matched within its ranks. Whilst he may freely question, he will follow his King’s orders without fail, regardless of whom or what stand within his way. In real battle, he holds little mercy, though he may give people the chance to flee, if they are either too weak, or he holds them to be an entertaining challenge, and he doesn’t want to lose them for later encounters.

History: Very few within the empire know of the ‘Old Man’s’ past, or even his actual name. This is because he rarely discusses it, having very rarely been asked it. People tend to steer clear of him for his reputation, and those who do talk often have only business on their minds. Even his lord and master, King Kold, does not know a great deal about his past beyond when they first met. But if you’re curious, perhaps you shall continue, and learn?

It was long ago, almost two centuries in fact, that a member of the esteemed Ginbokou family married and sired a child with one of the low class Tenba family. As the mother was of the Tenba family, that became the house to which the child belonged, though they held rights to a place within a higher standing. The Tenba family served as society’s waste disposal, tasked with removing the filth of their planet. It was a job without meaningful reward, and as Tenmo grew, one he came to hate. Unable to handle such demeaning work, but unable to change the traditions upon which his society bound itself, he took the only alternative he knew of. He fled to space.

The galaxy was largely unknown to the Torikaemas-jin, as they had not journeyed beyond their home system in the past. Making their first use of the Uchu Drive for interstellar travel, Tenmo found himself upon a major shipping route, where his ship was found and captured by pirates. They took him to the Terrada system, where they intended to sell him off to the highest bidder. However, Tenmo proved stronger than they had anticipated, and upon realising their intent, the man broke free of his restraints, and killed his captors.

This act of violence, and the ease in which he committed it, earned him the attention of the famed, but otherwise none too serious a threat, King Kold. This being before the days of the mighty Kold Empire, King Kold did not have the vast and powerful forces he and his heirs would one day come to command. Seeing potential in this young man, he took him in, training him up. Tenmo took the training like plants to water, growing more powerful and deadly as the years passed. In time, he was soon King Kold’s right hand man, the King’s personal bodyguard and most loyal subject.

Tenmo won many victories, helping to lay the foundations of the Planet Trade Organization (which would later become the Empire) by conquering several planets where others had failed. He had earned his place in the King’s court, though several began to question how long he would remain, as his growth had begun to slow as he grew old. The fact that to most, he was still unknown in where he came from, and a foreigner, meant he began to gather enemies. Seeking to maintain his place at King Kold’s side, Tenmo gathered researchers to devise a potentially life threatening, but potentially life changing, experiment.

The substance known as Crystex was long known for its abilities to enhance a soldier’s ki, hence its usage in blasters. However, this was only a temporary enhancement, and once a blast was expended, that was that. The fact that a blast was often a fraction of a person’s power meant that in terms of overall effectiveness, a blaster could never match someone of the equivalent power level.
Tenmo had a strange, but perhaps genius, idea. By directly infusing Crystex into his system, he could enhance his overall ki output, and by using multiple gems, increase the multiplication factor. The risk came from how, aside from crystals not being something you put into your body and expect to stay put, an uncontrolled surge in power could easily destroy someone.

But that is where being a Torikaemas-jin would prove to save Tenmo’s life, and where all others who attempted to experiment would fail horrifically. Able to shape his body as the infusion began, and subsequently hold it together as the process finished, Tenmo barely survived. But in doing so, his strength had increased tenfold. To demonstrate his new found power to the King, Tenmo went to the world of Ikonda, which sought to fight off the invaders by using highly advanced and powerful cyborgs. The end result of the battle was Ikonda being conquered, their few remaining cyborgs fleeing to space, and a testament to Tenmo’s power. Dubbed ‘the Great Fracture’, the landmark is a large crevice that stretches for several dozen miles on end, and goes several miles deep. It is said that he formed it with a single punch.

From there, Tenmo – or the Crystal Cataclysm, as he came to be known – went on to many more triumphs and victories. However, as Kold’s sons became more active, and preferred to utilise their own forces in the conquering of worlds, he began to take a back seat again. However, over a century of existence had mellowed the old man out, and he was more than comfortable with simply being the man that stood between King Kold and the rest of the galaxy. The next generation of warriors began to know less and less of him, having not witnessed the results of his warfare firsthand. Though who do know of him however, only dare whisper, out of fear they may disrespect him, and incur his wrath.

Recently, he was granted an active position of power again, handpicked by Kold to be one of his seven sages. Despite effectively watching over a whole seventh of the conquered galaxy now, he is rarely seen in the public face, tending to let commanders do as they please, so long as they do not step out of line. They know the consequences of such, and those who don’t stick around long. As a result, his section is one of the most orderly, though it is not without its ordeals. It, along with his previously declining role, has given him much time to delve into the lore of the galaxy.

And as the threat to the Empire by the rebellion rises, some have begun to wonder. Will the Crystal Cataclysm strike again?

Love Life/Relationships:

The Seven Sages: Despite some members being potentially older than him, Tenmo tends to act like all the Sages are young, though some could argue to be even older than him. This doesn’t mean he’ll be disrespectful (unless he severely disagrees with them), but rather, he won’t take them as seriously as they might expect everyone else to. He is particularly attentive to one sage, known as Ginbokou Reffinest. On the one hand, he feels a kindred spirit in her, due to being one of – if perhaps the only – other Torikaemas-jin actively working in the galaxy, but also has some displeasure in her existence, as she represents the very system that trod on him.

King Kold: The man to whom Tenmo is most loyal, bar none. Having served Kold for over a century, his eventual loyalty has reached the point where the King could almost order anything, and Tenmo would be expected to follow it through (though only if the order came from Kold himself. Tenmo has had people try and con him by saying 'Kold said so'). In return, he gains a great deal of respect and leeway from the upper classes of even the Ice-jin, through both his connection and strength.

Random Information:
His favourite pastime is spending time with children. A shame then that most parents don’t trust their kids anywhere near him.

His fascination with galactic lore means he knows many stories, from fairy tales of the beginnings of Andulin, to the myths and legends of Midgard. Sharing these is an experience he tends to enjoy, even if it’s only to the animals that live near his private residences.

Due to having to lock in place an otherwise uncertain and (potentially) unstable power source, Tenmo is no longer able to naturally shape shift as he once did. If he were to attempt it, the molecular instability from the crystex infusion would likely destroy him. The closest he has is to enlarge his muscles, and this more a result of unleashing his power and his body adapting, more than anything else.
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PostSubject: Re: Tenda Tenmo   Sat Jul 26, 2014 9:16 pm

Three years later...Approved? Razz

Have I mentioned how much I love this?
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Tenda Tenmo
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