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 Imperfection is Perfection

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PostSubject: Imperfection is Perfection   Tue May 24, 2011 2:14 pm

Hey there everybody!

I want to tell you abou a DBZ RP forum that is called 'Imperfection is Perfection'.

"The story premise is ten years after the birth of Cell, Dr. Gero has dominated the world with his androids. The surviving populace hear rumors of two factions rising to go against Dr. Gero's reign. One led by the remaining Z-Fighters and the other by Lily Morthena.

The story does not just stop at Earth. Within the northern galaxy, the Empire of King Cold crumbles into ruin. With the enslaved populaces breaking free and alliances shattering with each passing day, the Court of Aisusei is filled with deceit and treachery. Each House looking to place one of it's own on the throne. "

Please understand that this is a serious Role Play. We expect maturity, spelling, grammar, and the general ability to write at least a paragraph (though it would be awesome if you could write more).

If you want to know more ( or better yet join) we would be stoked if you checked us out!

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Imperfection is Perfection
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