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 Free Chat - ramblings go here!

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PostSubject: Re: Free Chat - ramblings go here!   Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:02 pm

G'day munchkins. Yeah, the Strefe is still breathin'!

First off, I apologise for my incredibly long absence. I know I did let everyone know before I vanished that I would be gone for quite a while but I still feel like I should be saying sorry.

Secondly, I've been looking over DOF for the past few minutes and have found myself filled with confusion. We now have several RPG threads which has left me a little upside down so I have decided to withdraw from some.
The Pirate Guild Thread is the first on the list since the first thread seems to be a little pointless now that there are several different threads for the individual fights. As none of my characters will be participating in the fights (seeing as the majority of my characters STILL aren't even in play) it seems logical that I not partake in the threads altogther.
The other game I am leaving is Kold High since its been a long time since I have posted and I feel like posting now would be an interruption to those who have faithfully been interacting with the game.

Rest assured, I will still reside in Neo-Vegeta-sei, BUT I will not write another post until Caith does so. Something I noticed from people is that shortly after Link spoke his piece with Caithion, several people continued to stretch the moment until it became somewhat incomprehensible. For the time being, I'll sit back and watch Felicia and Kida perform their jailbreak until I can move Link again.

With the Namek Quest, I will continue to wait for an opportunity to write a post for one of my 5 characters. But as I wish to write a bit of a background in the Training Threads for Broly, Ky and Cripty (I won't play Link without Felicia), it may be some time before I get the chance to make an appearance in the main game.
On this note, I would also like to request that Sr Members please look over the discussion in the NQ Discussion thread and occasionally write what they're planning so I can figure out what is going on for my future entry into the main game.

For the Icion Thread, I would greatly appreciate some help with working out how to shove Cripty in. I've been keeping my eye on the Discussion Thread and will keep doing so. (P.S. When I don't say anything in the Icion Discussion, it's usually because I'm confused with what everyone is talking about.)

Sorry if my decision's negatively affect anyone but I think it's for the best. I've missed everyone here a lot and so I look forward to actively playing DOF again.

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PostSubject: Re: Free Chat - ramblings go here!   Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:09 pm

Glomp Don't worry Strefey! I'm sure everyone understands your absence. I've missed you a lot so it's nice to see you back. If there's anything you don't understand in the icon discussuions don't be afraid to raise some questions <3
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Free Chat - ramblings go here!
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