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 Technical Difficulty

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Lilliana Nariko
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Lilliana Nariko

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PostSubject: Technical Difficulty   Sun Apr 17, 2011 2:24 pm

..My computer died. Processor seems to be shot so here's to hoping I can get it fixed on Wednesday and not lose the one final profile I've been working on this whole time I was able to save my profile to usb drive x: Wish me luck guys. *will need massive amounts of it*

I'll be trying my absolute best to keep up with stuff here but I can't make any immediate promises. Also would like to fore warn everyone that the spare computers do not have firefox so do expect a LOT more typos than usual from me ^^; I'll try to be around though..
EDIT: Hello from my ps3. Now I just need a keyboard lol. Then again maybe not. Should I count this as crisis averted temporarily?
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Technical Difficulty
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