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 FAQ 4: How do I keep all these characters straight?

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PostSubject: FAQ 4: How do I keep all these characters straight?   Sat Oct 30, 2010 12:32 am

How indeed? As more and more people seem to be discovering this place, it means more and more characters are appearing on the boards. As it is time consuming to read every single profile I thought it might be a good idea to sum up everything here.

Please note that this is not a substitute to reading the actual profiles. If you need detail head there instead.

The quick glance reference guide of Who’s Who of Duel of Fates!

Please note that the characters who appear here are both canon and OC. Only those that have had a biography posted and approved are listed with detail. All others have been mentioned either in the games or in the fic entitled ‘Namek Quest’.

This list is by allegiance and in alphabetical order.

The Empire

  • #17 – a tool used by the empire who doesn’t particular like being ordered around (played by Mercurial Anima)
  • Cui
  • Dodoria
  • Dr. Gero
  • King Kold
  • Marigana – Recoome’s little sister (played by Tha-Schnurri)
  • Miyuki Kisetsu - Neko-jin in the employ of the Empire as a strategist and interrogator (played by Miyuki)
  • Prince Cooler - Elder bother of Frieza and one of the heads of the World Trade Organisation (played by Colonel Caboose)
  • Prince Frieza – Head of the World Trade Organisation and most powerful being in the galaxy (played by Celeria)
  • Sauza (Reserved for Kidachei)
  • Toketsu - Frieza's Saiyan weapon (played by Meraxa)
  • Zarbon – Frieza’s right hand man but also doubles as the secret Leader of the Rebellion (played by Karete)

The Seven Sages of King Kold

  • Ashura: The Blood Priest – Dante of the Heartless no one is really sure what he is (played by Caith)
  • Cripty: The Trickster - A Maikoshin specialising in illusions and conjuring (played by Strefe)
  • Ginbokou Reffinest: The Shapeshifter – able to change into pretty much anything her power is not related to her ki (played by Karete)
  • Razzia Dragmire: The Fire Sage – wields sharp twin daggers and speaks in a thick accent (played by Theminiarcana)
  • Sellisil Aria: The Siren – blind with the looks of a child, she can control others with the sound of her voice (played by saiyazon)
  • Vanity: The Witch Sage (played by Starkiller)

The Rebellion

  • Bardock (deceased)
  • Borosel – A Saiyan soldier (played by Meraxa)
  • Broly - A Saiyan soldier (played by Strefe)
  • Caithion Sidhe – General in the Saiyan armies, cousin to the King and shadow-ri expert (played by Caith)
  • Commander Celeria – A high-ranking Saiyan commander with green hair (played by Celeria)
  • Deceptedo – antiquities shop owner and all around historical expert (played by Starkiller)
  • Karete – Saiyan scientist, assistant to Queen Bulma and little sister to Radditz (played by Karete)
  • King Vegeta
  • Ky'rakaena - 'Ky', a warrior goddess (played by Strefe)
  • Linkerster – A Kippy and a technopath, he has the ability to communicate with machines (played by Strefe)
  • Nappa
  • Piccolo (played by Caith)
  • Prince Tarble - Nervous younger bother of Vegeta (played by Strefe)
  • Prince Trunks (played by Caith)
  • Princess Bura - Tech savvy youngest child of Vegeta and Bulma (played by Lilliana Nariko)
  • Princess Felicia/Lalia – half breed Saiyan with blue hair, fast friends with Link and princess of her father’s people (played by Sasha-Fierce01)
  • Queen Bulma - Married to Vegeta and mother of Trunks and Bura, head Master Tech and responsible for most of the technology the rebellion uses (played by Karete)
  • Radditz – A first class solider generally in charge of training recruits (played by Karete)
  • Saku Ookami – a jack-of-all-trades (and a warg) who wields a very large hammer and drinks a lot (played by Starkiller)
  • Son Chichi (reserved for Celeria)
  • Son Gohan - Top cryptographer of the rebellion (played by Saiyajin Lime)
  • Son Goku (deceased)
  • Son Goten
  • Son Pan - Serial pest of the rebellion (played by Starkiller)
  • Ted Longshott – a water demon who can bridge the two worlds (played by Theminiarcana)
  • Tienshinhan – a freelancer looking to join the rebellion (played by Saiyazon)
  • Turles (reserved for SaiyangirlAi0304)
  • Valer - A Saiyan soldier (played by Celeria)
  • Yuuki Lime – Comes from a genetically altered line of Saiyans, weilds a sword (played by Saiyajin Lime)

The Pirate Guild

  • Burter (reserved)
  • Captain Ginyu – eccentric but extremely cunning leader of the Pirate Guild (played by Starkiller)
  • Cin – A Science Officer of the few surviving Tuffles (played by JJoseph)
  • Guldo
  • Jeice – pirate and bounty hunter, thinks himself much the ladies man(played by Starkiller)
  • Kidachei – A Saiyan with the strange trait of having white hair (played by Kidachei)


  • #18 (reserved for Sasha-Fierce01)
  • Android D – an android once of the Red Ribbon army, he has electrokenesis abilities (played by Android D)
  • Everion – Part Ice-jin, freelancer with a perchance for photography (played by Everion)
  • Meraxa Delwas - Human bounty hunter (played by Meraxa)
  • Sabaki Ryuuha – Half Saiyan, half Sol-jin with telekinesis powers, works alone most of the time (played by Anima)
  • Sayoko Ouzo - Saku's cousin (played by wolfkohona)

We will continue to add to this as more characters join.

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PostSubject: Re: FAQ 4: How do I keep all these characters straight?   Sat Oct 30, 2010 1:12 am

This was such a good idea! Although Felicia is a princess of her father's people as her mother was a saiyan. lol!
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FAQ 4: How do I keep all these characters straight?
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