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 Mobile Suit: Advent Destiny

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PostSubject: Mobile Suit: Advent Destiny   Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:24 am

Mobile Suit: Advent Destiny

Mobile Suit: Advent Destiny *

Though Dragon Ball Z will forever be a ground breaking anime/manga/story there are also a few other great animes out there as well. As such, one could expect great RP forum communities as well.

On that note I would like to let everyone know about Mobile Suit: Advent Destiny. Based off of the Cosmic Era timeline in the Gundam Multiverse, Mobile Suit: Advent Destiny (MSAD) has been running strong for nearly 5 years. What started off as a small group of dedicated role players under the name SEED RPG, has since turned into a somewhat larger community. I won't lie to you, there are not a lot of us who are active regularly, but we operate as a close-knit family and we all love our Gundam and role playing. There are perhaps 20 of us who continue to keep MSAD alive over the years. However, since we recently had a database issue with the last forum host, we have moved and are once again looking to bring in more people to our small group.

Therefore, should any of you yearn for more role playing in the large mecha fashion, head on over to MSAD and as one of the staff members there I will be glad to personally welcome you myself and show you around the place. Smile

Mobile Suit: Advent Destiny**


* = This first link will take you to the homepage of the site
** = This second link will take you to a referral page where you can join, if you so desire.
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Mobile Suit: Advent Destiny
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